Sunday, September 13, 2009

road trippin'

So I'll post about Aruba (or a-boob-a, to those in the know) and the week after sometime soon, promise.

But the road trip begins today and I thought I should blog about it in real time, as it were.

We arrived in Chicago this afternoon after a long, boring drive through Indiana. The Southern half of Indiana has some really lovely spots, but man, that Northern half is...mind-numbing. We did, however, pass a huge field of windmills.

But so we made it through to Chicago, one of my favorite cities in the world, and had dinner with our dear friends Phil & Nick who are letting us crash at their place, had a delicious dinner around the corner, and are now watching the VMAs. Let me say this about the VMAs: Lady Gaga = WIN.

Phil and their dog Roxy:

Nick and the hubs showing just HOW MUCH FUN we're having:

Tomorrow: Madison and Minneapolis.

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